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There is a kind of flame in Crete – let us call it “soul” – something more powerful than either life or death. There is pride, obstinacy, valor, and together with these something else inexpressible […]

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Epic Travelers

Who is the world’s greatest traveler? Well, that is a topic for debate. There are probably as many opinions as there are travelers. Celebrate these incredible nomads as they inspire travelers around the world. Where […]

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Travel Journal​

Travel journals can be a wonderful reminder of our trips. Years later we can open our journals and pour over our notes and mementoes, instantly transporting us back in time. While there are dozens of “how-tos,” on Pinterest, here is a brief list of 50 ideas to add to your journal to help you recall the places you’ve been. When deciding what to add to your journal make sure it is something small and flat to maximize the space in your journal.